Division for Innovation in Education Excellence

Director: Susan Gross Forneris, PhD, RN, CNE, CHSE-A, FAAN

The Division for Innovation in Education Excellence (DFIEE) offers a wide range of creative educational simulation and curriculum integration advisory services, teaching and learning resources and professional development opportunities as well.

As new faculty and other nurse educators engage in excellence in teaching and learning, the continued development of online and virtual products is necessary to both enhance faculty skills and expertise, as well as meet the needs of this contemporary generation of learners. A national nursing education professional development arena will bring faculty together to thoughtfully and intentionally build modern innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

The NLN Division for Innovation in Education Excellence has broadened the scope of its programming through an intentional process of engaging members through maker space activities to move programming through innovation, scaling, and launching of new programs and products. While the mission of the Division is focused on innovation in education excellence, we believe that simulation and technology initiatives and care of underserved populations are niche resources. Simulation programming along with the ongoing programming surrounding care of underserved or marginalized populations is highlighted as Institutes within the Division. Management of their existing programs and new program development will funnel through the Division’s mission aligned strategies.

The Division's mission is to cultivate, scale, and impact excellence and innovation in nursing education to meet the needs of contemporary learners across the discipline of nursing. The vision is influencing innovation in nursing education excellence globally.

  • Innovation is defined as processes that result in large or small, sweeping or gradual change to NLN products and services that introduce something new for the organization (Demiris et al., 2020) and adding value to the teaching learning process. 
  • Education Excellence is defined as a process that reflects continuous efforts to make incremental or breakthrough improvement within the context of teaching and learning that are beyond the status quo.
Contact a member of the team:
Sue Gross Forneris, PhD, RN, CNE, CHSE-A, FAAN, Director, NLN Division for Innovation in Education Excellence
Michelle Moulton, DNP, RN, CHSE, CNE, RYT-200, Senior Manager
Andrea Browning, Portfolio Manager