Taking Aim at Good Teaching: Developing Psychomotor Skills through Mastery Learning webinar

This webinar was recorded on October 16, 2020. Academic nursing programs aim to prepare nursing students for practice readiness; however, this is a daunting responsibility. The nursing skills identified as essential and necessary for practice readiness by clinical partners are often unknown, and assuring individual learners have the appropriate mastery of cognitive knowledge, psychomotor skills, and affective behaviors is difficult to achieve.

This presentation describes a Mastery Learning psychomotor skill curriculum operationalized at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, College of Nursing. The presenters described the process used to integrate the curriculum including intentional linkages between the program, clinical courses, simulation educational strategies, and learning outcomes. They also described how the curriculum has engaged deliberate practice and mastery learning in both face-to-face and virtual learning environments

Susan Henley Hébert, MS-Medical Simulation, BSN, RN, CHSE

Mastery Learning/Deliberate Practice Expert Panel:
Gail Griffith, MSN, RN
Rachael Wyatt Hodges, BSN, RN, CHSE
Brooke Lakin, EdD(c), MSN-Ed, RN

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