HomeGrown Solution: Clinical Simulation Mobile Debriefing System


Clinical Simulation Mobile Debriefing System

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Michael Lundin

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Identification of the Problem

In 2014 the Northern Clinical Simulation had three sites requiring a recording system for debriefing. After some contemplation of the 40k and 15k systems in the market I decided to create a more affordable user friendly solution. One of the challenges we noticed with existing systems is the software posed a barrier for instructors to use. With cost and simplicity the focus I decided to use something that everyone is familiar with using, and is relatively inexpensive. Another challenge was only one technician supported the three sites so remote tech support was a feature we desired.

Unique Idea

A cost effective solution for mobile recording and remote technical support for simulation sessions.


  1. IPad
  2. IPad locking number bracket
  3. Pole mount locking adjustable mount
  4. IV Pole
  5. VGA Cable with 3.5
  6. IPad Adaptor to VGA
  7. VGA gender bender
  8. 3.5 coupler

Steps to Creating the Solution

  1. Mount and connect IPad with all support brackets and cables listed onto IV pole.
  2. Install Face Time account