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Free Barcode Patient ID Band & EHR

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Matthew Fox

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Identification of the Problem

Nursing students need to be familiar with the scanning of patient ID band to link the correct patient to the electronic medication administration record. Costs associated with functional electronic health records that include a barcode scanning system and electronic medication administration record are costly and many problems do not have the budget to purchase.

Unique Idea

The idea uses the a patient ID band, a printer to print the patient's information and a QR code that is linked to a cloud based document created with google DOCs. The nursing student will scan the QR code with a QR scanner on a smart phone or tablet to open the medication administration record that can be documented on with medication administration during the simulation experience.


  1. Create a free patient ID band that can be linked to a electronic medication administration record.
  2. Allow students to interact with a barcode like system to view an electronic administration record to administer medication during a simulation experience.


  1. Computer to create medication adminstration text document
  2. Google DOCs account
  3. QR code generator
  4. Mobile device (tablet or smart phone) with a QR scanner application
  5. Blank patient ID band
  6. Paper for patient ID label

Steps to Creating the Solution

  1. Create a text document to simulate an electronic medication administration record (eMAR). This can be created with Microsoft Word. Save the file to your computer desktop.
  2. Login to your google Docs account, upload the eMAR document created during step 1 and create a sharable link.
  3. Copy and paste the sharable link created in step 2 to generate a QR code at https://www.qrstuff.com. Download the QR code.
  4. Save the downloaded QR code image to your desktop.
  5. Open a blank text document to create a patient label using the patient information on the eMAR and the QR code downloaded in step 4.
  6. Print patient label created in step 5 and attached to a blank ID band.
  7. Download a free QR code reader on a smart phone or tablet.
  8. Attach patient ID band to simulator.
  9. Scan the QR code using the QR sode reader on smart phone or tablet. This will open the eMAR on the device to allow students to review and document on the eMAR.