HomeGrown Solution: Repurposing Urinary Catheter to IV Site


Repurposing Urinary Catheter to IV Site

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Wai Yin Vivien Tsang

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Identification of the Problem

Ever year there is an OSCE skill in urinary catheterization, which leads to used urinary catheter waste. At the same time, working IV sites for manikins and standardized participants are required to increase realism during simulation scenarios. The use of this latex urinary catheter acts as a peripheral vein, which enables IV fluid infusion on both manikins and standardized participants during simulation scenarios.

Unique Idea

Repurpose urinary catheters for new use as an IV site.


  • Promote sustainable development by repurposing existing urinary catheters for new use
  • Increase realism during simulation scenarios


  • Tegaderm
  • Latex urinary catheter
  • Foam craft sheet
  • Angiocatheter
  • IV extension tube
  • Bedside drainage bag
  • Hook and loop fastener

Steps to Creating the Solution

  1. Tie a knot on the tip of the urinary catheter.

  2. Secure a J loop of the urinary catheter on the foam craft sheet.

  3. Insert the IV cannula through the foam craft sheet into the urinary catheter.

  4. Secure the IV site by Tegaderm. This can be hidden under clothing.

  5. Attach a bedside drainage bag to a urinary catheter for the collection of IV fluid.

  6. Secure the IV site to the manikin or standardized participant using the hook and loop fastener.