HomeGrown Solution: Simple Foley / NG Tube Task Trainer


Simple Foley/NG Tube Task Trainer

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Stacia Donaldson

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Identification of the Problem

The onset of Covid-19 has forced undergraduate nursing programs throughout the country to move the majority of skills instruction from nursing laboratories to the virtual environment. Though the campus is open, occupancy limits decrease the availability of nursing labs for student use. Frequent campus "pauses" and exposure quarantines not only hinder the students' ability to practice in the skills lab but often lead to fundamental skills testing being performed virtually. When tested virtually, nursing fundamental students do not have the same resources as they would have in a nursing lab. As a way to provide nursing students with the ability to successfully practice and test at home, we created a cardboard skills task trainer for NG tube insertion, female foley catheterization, and basic tracheostomy care.

Unique Idea

When designing our Covid student supply kits for the spring 2021 semester, our objective was to provide students a tool to practice nursing fundamental skills outside of nursing laboratories and be able to test virtually. This allowed us to continue skills practice and testing in the event of a campus closure or if students were unable to come campus due to a Covid exposure. The multi-skill cardboard task trainer included in the Covid kits is designed to simulate three nursing skills normally would require expensive task trainers in nursing laboratories: the insertion of a NG tube, the insertion of a foley catheter in a female patient, and basic tracheostomy care. By using this task trainer, our nursing students are no longer tied to lab availability, which has been decreased due to lab occupancy and social distancing policies. Students are able to use this task trainer in any location and any time.


  • To empower undergraduate nursing students to practice essential nursing skills independently by increasing their access to nursing skills task trainers
  • To provide a skills task trainer that is portable, simple in design, and able to be manipulated by students to provide practice for more than one nursing fundamental skill
  • To decrease gaps in the study of nursing fundamentals resulting from campus closures and student quarantine related to Covid-19 exposure


  • Corrugated cardboard sheets 5" X 7", 1/16 inch thick
  • Silicone tube 6mm X 8mm, 5 meters or longer
  • Plastic full-face white plastic Halloween masks (human) 6" x 9"
  • Double-sided tattoo practice skin 6" X 8"
  • Stapler
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch or drill bit for 10mm hole
  • Tape or glue (optional)

Steps to Creating the Solution

  1. To assemble the NG tube/trach care section: Cut off the edging of the white plastic Halloween masks so that only the facial area remains. Cut the facial area of the white plastic mask to remove the mouth, leaving only the nose, eyes, and forehead.
  2. Using scissors or a utility knife, cut small slits on the top and bottom of the inside of the nostril you want to use for NG insertion.
  3. Holding the cardboard sheet vertically, punch or drill a hole near the top of the cardboard. Insert a 4" section of silicone tubing into the nostril of the white face mask. If tubing is loose, secure with tape or glue.
  4. Thread silicone tubing through the hole in the cardboard till the face mask is against the cardboard. The forehead should be pointing towards the top of the cardboard. Staple each side of the mask to secure it to the cardboard.
  5. To assemble the foley catheterization simulator:
    • Cut the tattoo practice material in half.
    • Taking one half, draw a teardrop that is the width of the tattoo practice sheet.
  6. Using the scissors, cut out the teardrop shape Using scissors or a utility knife, cut out a small oval in the middle of the teardrop. This creates the labia.
  7. Staple cut teardrop to the cardboard sheet opposite the NG tube simulator. It should sit horizontally so the top of the teardrop is pointing to the long side of the cardboard sheet. Make one staple on the bottom and one at the top of the teardrop.
  8. Using a hole punch or drill, cut a hole near the top of the inner oval. This will be the opening of the urethra.
  9. Fold the cardboard sheet in half. Stand vertically to use the NG tube/trach care simulator. Stand horizontally to use the Foley catheter simulator.
  10. If using this trainer for tracheostomy care, remove stables and take off the white face mask. The tubing and hole can be used to simulate a tracheostomy.