HomeGrown Solution: Adhesive Residue Prevention


Adhesive Residue Prevention

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Pamela J. Hicks

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Identification of the Problem

Identification of problem: Manikins, high-fidelity or static, are costly investments for any nursing program or simulation center. Tape residue from intravenous sites, colostomy pouch or dressings can ruin the surface of the manikins. Cleaning the residue off these surfaces is difficulty and a time consuming job, not to mention cleansers may damage the manikin’s skin.

Unique Idea

To create a realistic IV site, colostomy or dressing on a manikin, adhesive tape is applied to manikin. Glue residue remaining on the manikin’s skin is difficult to remove, and requires solutions such as Goo Be Gone. Long term use of harsh chemicals will cause the manikin to deteriorate. Presentation of the solution: Applying Glad® Press ‘N” Seal to the IV arm, abdomen or wherever a dressing may be attached will prevent the glue residue from sticking to the manikin. Objectives: Protect the skin of the manikins Decrease faculty/staff manpower needed for manikin maintenance Increase the manikin’s life.


  1. Glad® Press'n Seal®
  2. Tape, such as Scotch®

Steps to Creating the Solution

  1. Measure the Glad® Press'n Seal® to the size needed to cover the manikin part, i.e. the manikin’s IV arm or abdomen
  2. Apply Glad® Press'n Seal® to the manikin, may need to be secured with tape.
  3. Apply IV dressing, colostomy pouch or dressing secured with tape.
  4. Glad® Press'n Seal® may remain on the manikin for as long as necessary.