HomeGrown Solution: Heat Shrink Tube Cover for SimMan's Antecubital Fossa


Heat Shrink Tube Cover for SimMan's Antecubital Fossa

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Jaan Hwan Chong

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Identification of the Problem

"Two large bore IV access" is a common requirement for simulation training, but adhesive residue on manikin skin can be a constant problem. Additionally, the zipper on the SimMan hand can fail over time and a temporary solution for a broken zipper may be needed.

Unique Idea

Apply a transparent membrane over the circumference of a SimMan manikin's antecubital with heat shrink tube. This provides an access point for an external IV circuit, eases adhesive residue management, and holds the hand skin if the zipper fails.


  • Create a heat shrink membrane that aids adhesive residue management, provides a medical tape-friendly surface, and holds falling hand skin.


  • Heat gun
  • Transparent heat shrink tubing

Steps to Creating the Solution

  • Obtain heat gun and appropriate size heat shrink tube.
  • Remove and clean manikin's antecubital area.
  • Cut and place appropriate length of heat shrink tube to cover the circumference of the antecubital fossa.
  • Ensure hand skin is evenly positioned.
  • Gently apply hot air with the heat gun over the heat shrink tubing to allow even contraction.
  • Once a smooth, shinny transparent membrane forms over the targeted area, stop hot air and affix an external IV circuit on the membrane.