HomeGrown Solution: SimMan Left Lung Ventilation Bypass


SimMan Left Lung Ventilation Bypass

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Jaan Hwan Chong

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Identification of the Problem

High airway pressure and limited tidal volume are a shortfall of having a SimMan manikin in a simulation training with a ventilator.

Unique Idea

Utilize a test lung with splint to bypass the manikin's left lung. This will produce near clinical tidal volume and airway pressure in a ventilator simulation. This method retains SimMan's features like right bronchus intubation and synchronized chest movement with breathing sounds.


  • Enhance SimMan ventilatory fidelity in simulation with a mechanical ventilator.


  • Test lung with splint
  • Corrugated tube
  • Silicone tube
  • Connectors

Steps to Creating the Solution

  • Unzip and open SimMan thorax cavity.
  • Locate and remove the manikin's left lung bag.
  • Connect silicone tube to the lung bag nozzle.
  • Extend the silicone tube with the corrugated tube.
  • Connect the test lung with the splint at the end of the corrugated tube.
  • Conduct a pre-simulation function test.
  • Reassemble manikin and conceal test lung for simulation training.