HomeGrown Solution: Trach Lungs for BLS Teaching


Trach Lungs for BLS Teaching

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Ying Sapyta

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Identification of the Problem

Many families have a tracheostomy-dependent children need CPR teaching before discharge. Currently, there are trach manikins and CPR manikins available, but they function separately. It can be confusing for parents to work on two separate manikins to learn CPR teaching for their child with a tracheostomy.

Unique Idea

Using low cost supplies, I was able to modify our current BLS adult and BLS child manikins so that they can have a tracheostomy. The learner is able to practice compressions on the manikin and when they provide ventilation via the tracheostomy, there is visual feedback with the manikin's chest rising and falling.


To share an easy and low cost modification to existing equipment to provide higher fidelity education to parents of tracheostomy-dependent children.


  1. Rubber washer of various sizes
  2. Super glue
  3. Scissors
  4. Tape
  5. Pliers or hemostats
  6. Manikin lungs
  7. Pen or marker
  8. Paper clip

Steps to Creating the Solution

  1. Measure out 2 inches from the top of the manikin lungs (marked by yellow cable tie).
  2. Line up washer to the center of 2 inch mark and make "X" in the center where you will cut on the mark.
  3. Cut the "X" out on the top portion of the lung only.
  4. Super glue the washer to the lung. Center the middle of the washer to the middle where you just cut out.
  5. Use the paperclip to hold the washer to the lung while it dries.
  6. Turn the lung around and using the pliers, open the back portion of the lung out.
  7. Take the filter paper out, cover with tape, and trim the excess tape off.
  8. Replace the filter paper and snap the back shut.
  9. Wait for the super glue to dry before using.