HomeGrown Solution: Low Cost Unit Dose Medication Packages


Low Cost Unit Dose Medication Packages

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Kimberly Muma

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Identification of the Problem

Purchasing a unit dose medication system may be cost prohibitive, require software updates, become difficult to maintain, or take up valuable space; however, simulating unit dose medication packaging can be inexpensive and simple to do.

Unique Idea

Using 2x2 clear plastic zippered bags ordered online ($8/1000 bags) and clear 2x2 labels ($55/1200 labels), and a template in MicroSoft Word, you can create low cost simulated unit dose medication packages that mimic the real thing.


  1. 2" x 2" Clear Plastic Zippered Bags found through online sources (I purchased 1000 2x2 zippered baggies through Amazon.com for under $8, including shipping)
  2. 2" x 2" Clear Labels (I purchased 1200 labels from Onlinelabels.com for $49.95 plus $4.95 shipping)
  3. Microsoft Word Software (the labels I ordered came with a free template)
  4. Mock medications

Steps to Creating the Solution

  1. Using a template provided free along with the purchased labels, type your unit dose medication labels with the information that your Simulation Center desires (see attached examples). Using MS Word, you can easily use several text boxes per individual unit dose medication label to hold the desired content.
  2. Print labels, trim with scissors to fit a slightly smaller area than each tiny 2x2 plastic zippered bag, and then affix the clear printed medication labels to the tiny zippered bags.
  3. Fill plastic zippered bags with mock/fake medications and you will have inexpensive unit dose medications that closely mimic the real thing!