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Simulated Food

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Patricia Davis

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Identification of the Problem

Using purchased food items for simulation can spoil. Purchasing simulated food items can be costly and limits the options of available foods.

Unique Idea

In order to provide students with the opportunity to identify food allergies in a formative simulation activity, two plates are prepared: one with eggs and one without eggs. Students are provided with the breakfast tray including eggs and a meal card identifying the patient's allergy. If the student identifies the allergy, the alternative plate is provided. If the allergy is not identified the patient provides prompts and this becomes a point for debriefing.


  1. Pictures of desired food
  2. White glue
  3. Paper plates

Steps to Creating the Solution

  1. Select food items
  2. Complete Google image search
  3. Print selected food items
  4. Cut pictures and glue to paper plate