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Nursing Education Nursing Education
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Nursing Education
Nursing Education

About the NLN

Nursing Education
Nursing Education
Nursing Education National League for Nursing - Excellence Initiatives

Application Guidelines

Individuals who meet eligibility criteria may apply for fellowship
in the academy by submitting a complete application on or
before February 21, 2011. An application is considered to be
complete only if it contains all the elements listed below.

Complete each form as directed and save the completed forms to your computer, making certain that your last name is included in the name of each document. When you have compiled all elements of your application and are ready to submit them as a complete packet, use the Application Submission sections below to upload these documents from your computer and submit them via the online process.

  • A completed application form submitted online (click here).

  • A current curriculum vitae (no more than 6 single-spaced pages in length) that is supportive of one's application, substantiate one’s primary area of contribution to nursing education, and emphasizes one's accomplishments (e.g., involvement in professional organizations, [including membership in NLN and service on NLN committees, panels and task groups] consultation provided, publications, presentations, honors, awards, etc.)

  • A four-part statement from the applicant that describes (a) the primary area of contribution for which she/he is known in the nursing education community and the impact the contribution has had on the nursing education community (200 words maximum), (b) how she/he has made enduring and substantial contributions beyond those required of one’s employment that have had a significant impact on nursing education in one or more of the areas noted above (600 words maximum), (c) how she/he will continue to provide visionary leadership in nursing education and in the academy (200 words maximum), and (d) how her/his contributions are congruent with the mission and goals of the NLN (100 words maximum). (click here).

  • Two (2) letters of reference that provide specific examples of how the applicant's enduring and substantial work in the area(s) selected have had an impact on and made a difference in nursing education. Additional letters will not be considered. The letters of reference must be limited to 500 words each. Letters of reference must be submitted in PDF format with an electronic signature. (click here)
    Note: Current NLN Board of Governors, NLN Foundation Board of Trustees, Academy review panel, and NLN staff may not be used as a reference.

  • The completed Application Check List (click here).

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all documents and associated fees are included in the application. Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant without being reviewed. The non-refundable fee will not be returned for incomplete submissions, and a new fee will be required for re-submission.

Online applications must be received no later than 11:59 pm (EST) on February 21, 2011. Any applications received after this date/time will be returned to the applicant, along with the application fee, without being reviewed.

Application Review Process Applications are reviewed by a panel of peers. The Review Panel appointed by the NLN Board of Governors and CEO includes five fellows and one member of the NLN Board of Governors.

Frequently Asked Questions
Applicants are strongly urged to review the Frequently Asked Questions that have been prepared to assist in the preparation of the application.

For Further Information
Contact Tish Hess, MS, RN, director, Membership and Excellence Initiatives at

Application Submission

Click “Browse” to search your computer and attach your files. Be certain that every document name contains your last name. Once you have attached all of the necessary files, click “Send Email.”
Application Form
Applicant's Statements
Reference 1
Reference 2
Application Checklist
Note: After submitting the form you will be taken directly to the shopping cart to pay the application fee..

Please click only once, it may take several seconds to process.



Nursing Education
Nursing Education
Nursing Education
Nursing Education