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Nursing Education National League for Nursing - Get Invovled NLN Ambassador Information


Ambassadors enhance the League's efforts to encourage faculty and educational leaders across schools all types of nursing schools to explore and participate in NLN programming, activities and community. Each school has only one official NLN ambassador.

The NLN Ambassador Program engages our members in efforts to ensure that faculty and educational leaders in all schools of nursing are kept informed about the NLN’s programs, grant opportunities, and member involvement initiatives. It serves as a mechanism for faculty to have a voice about things of concern to them, to increase the NLN’s visibility in all schools of nursing, and to enhance our role as a leader in nursing education.

The Skills You Need

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Dedication to the NLN mission and values
  • Active listening to provide support to members and feedback to NLN staff

Leadership Skills You Possess

The three leadership traits of an NLN Ambassador:

1. Approachable: Embodies the NLN Core Values and promotes collegiality across all schools of nursing.

2. Visible: Increases NLN's local profile through active promotion of NLN programming, strategic Centers, and member involvement opportunities.

3. Responsive: Provides feedback to NLN regarding emerging trends, issues and concerns at the local level.


Ambassadors must be able to:

  • Communicate via email and e-communities;
  • Commit to keeping abreast of NLN initiatives by reading all communications from the NLN (i.e. talking points) and active participation on quarterly information calls; and
  • Participate, to the best of their ability, in national and local League meetings.


  • Current NLN Memberassociation.
  • Must maintain active membership throughout Ambassador term

Application & Appointment Process

Application Process:

  • Applications for Ambassadors are open for two weeks at the end of October and March
  • Each semester, NLN members in schools without an ambassador will be invited to submit an interest form.

Appointment Process:

  • Successful applicants are notified a week after applications are due
  • Official appointment letter from President and CEO
  • Welcome packet with appointment letter, certificate, ambassador pin, and NLN information

Service Recognition

  • Official certificate of service, inclusion in NLN Ambassador listing on web
  • Eligibility to be recognized as NLN Ambassador of the Year based on measurable outcomes


  • Ensure that faculty colleagues receive all communications from the NLN;
  • Encourage faculty colleagues to participate in NLN programs, apply for research grants, submit abstracts for the Summit, submit manuscripts to Nursing Education Perspectives, volunteer for task groups and special committees, agree to run for elected positions, nominate colleagues for awards, complete surveys, etc.
  • Answer questions about NLN membership benefits, the relationship between the NLN and CNEA, and overall NLN initiatives
  • Help colleagues connect with the appropriate NLN staff person regarding specific questions or concerns.
  • Assist the NLN in maintaining accurate contact information for full-time and part-time faculty in their institution.
  • Assist the NLN in communicating with deans/directors groups in their state or region.
  • Forward to the NLN feedback about the organization or its programs.
  • Forward to the NLN suggestions for programs, speakers, or future initiatives.
  • Forward to the NLN issues or concerns facing faculty as they implement their role; such issues may be forwarded to advisory councils or task groups for discussion, lead to the development of a position statement or creation of a think tank, or result in educational program offerings.
  • Promote NLN involvement at the local/regional level through membership in NLN Constituent Leagues and encourage the formation of local/regional leagues.


  • Participate in NLN Ambassador conference calls, e-communities, or other mechanisms to increase best practice exchange among Ambassadors
  • Attend local meetings and bring greetings on behalf of the NLN at programs offered in your geographic area.
  • Participate in the evaluation of the Ambassador Program


Q: Do I have to be a member of the NLN to be an ambassador?
Yes, ambassadors must be members of the NLN and must maintain their membership through their term.

Q: Can I be an ambassador if my school is not a member of the NLN?
Yes! If you would like to be an ambassador and you do not see your school listed in the school dropdown, please contact

Q: How long is a term as ambassador?
Terms are for two years. Ambassadors whose terms are due to expire will receive an email asking if they would like to continue for another term. They may continue, recommend a replacement, or choose not to continue as ambassador.

Q: Is travel required?
There is no travel required for ambassadors but we do encourage ambassadors to go to our yearly Summit and constituent league events in their state.

Q: A colleague is already an ambassador for my school, can I be an ambassador too?
No, we only allow one ambassador per school unless a school has multiple campuses.

Q: What happens if my membership lapses while I am an ambassador?
We will contact you to see why your membership lapsed (i.e., forgot to renew, dropped from faculty roster). If you do not renew your membership or respond in two weeks since originally contacted, you will be dropped as ambassador from your school.

Q: What do I do if I no longer wish to be the ambassador for my school?
Submit a resignation form. If you have a faculty member that is interested in the role, you may recommend them on the resignation form..

Q: What do I do if I leave my school?
Ambassadors must be at the school they are an Ambassador for. If you are leaving your school, please submit a resignation form and email to check if your new school has an ambassador. If your new school does not have an Ambassador, you can be the new Ambassador for that school. You will not be official or receive your Ambassador packet until the next cycle (April and November).

For more information, contact


Nursing Education
Nursing Education
Nursing Education
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