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The Nominations Process

In October of each year, a call is issued for nominations of individuals who are ready and able to assume leadership positions in the NLN. In February, the Nominations Committee reviews all nominations for elected positions that have been received from individual members, agency members, or constituent leagues, and they then prepare a slate of candidates for election.

The Nominations Committee is especially interested in receiving nominations of diverse individuals for its board, its commission, and its committee. In particular, the committee looks for individuals who have a breadth of experience in policy development, a deep understanding of and commitment to multiculturalism and diversity, and expertise in education.

National League for Nursing Board of Governors

The National League for Nursing Board of Governors is a group of diverse individuals who share the goal of advancing excellence in nursing education that prepares the nursing workforce to meet the needs of diverse populations to advance the nation's health. Members of the board assume significant responsibility for all aspects of the organization-shaping our vision, developing our policies, advancing our mission and goals, and ensuring our growth. Elected positions include:

  • President-Elect (who succeeds to the office of the president)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • 13 governors at large

The Nominations Committee

In addition to electing individuals to the Board of Governors, NLN members also elect six individuals to the NLN Nominations Committee. This committee solicits nominations for the ballot, reviews qualifications of all nominees, and prepares the slate of candidates.

National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission

The NLNAC, a wholly-owned subsidiary, independently conducts elections for NLNAC elected positions to be consistent with the U.S. Department of Education regulations applicable for the national recognition of accrediting agencies by the U.S. Secretary of Education.

National League for Nursing Certification Commission

The NLN Certification Commission serves as an independent body within the NLN with respect to the development, evaluation, supervision, and administration of all certification program policies, provisions, and activities. All voting Certification Commissioners, except the public commissioner, shall be Registered Nurse credentialed as Certified Nurse Educators in good standing.


Please check the About the NLN section for information about elected positions to be filled during the coming year and for the online nomination form. We encourage individual members, agency members, and Constituent Leagues to submit recommendations for nominations. Nominations may be submitted at any time.



Nursing Education
Nursing Education
Nursing Education
Nursing Education