2020 Taking Aim Webinar Recordings

The NLN Division for Innovation in Education Excellence hosted two Taking Aim webinar series in 2020. The first series, Taking Aim: Addressing Online Teaching Challenges, was put together quickly in the spring in response to the sudden need to close campuses and teach all courses online. The second series, Taking Aim at Good Teaching, focused on learning from experts who successfully implemented remote teaching strategies. Our experts shared solutions grounded in today’s neuroscience principles. View complimentary recordings of the 2020 webinars below.

Taking Aim at Good Teaching: Online Teaching Strategies that Enhance the Affective Domain - November 13, 2020

Taking Aim at Good Teaching: Developing Psychomotor Skills through Mastery Learning - October, 16, 2020

Taking Aim at Good Teaching: Enhancing Cognitive Outcomes - September 18, 2020

Taking Aim at Good Teaching: Inside Higher Education - August 14, 2020

Taking Aim: Creating Civility and Community in Turbulent Times - May 1, 2020

Taking Aim: Managing Chaos and Creating Calm - April 24, 2020

Taking Aim: Managing the Remote Nursing Capstone Experience - April 17, 2020

Taking Aim: Managing Nursing Assessment Remotely - April 9, 2020

Taking Aim: Managing and Securing Online Testing - April 3, 2020

NLN Town Hall: Strategies for Online Teaching and Learning - March 18, 2020