Volume 1, Issue 1 - Summer 2008

Start Right with PAX
As faculty, you want students who can excel in your nursing program, and at the NLN we offer the Pre-Admission Examination (PAX) that will assist your school with that goal. While performance on PAX evaluates students for admission to nursing schools, mastering the material prepares them for success in their academic careers and beyond. Predictive validity evidence of PAX shows that the PAX composite score accounts for 32 to 45 percent of the variance of students' first-year GPA of C+ or better. PAX facilitates admissions decisions by providing a common basis for evaluating applicants' academic ability. PAX measures three academic proficiencies: verbal ability, mathematics, and science. This norm-referenced examination can be administered in computer-based or paper-based test formats.

Success in nursing programs is not guaranteed — student barriers, sometimes personal, can get in the way of achievement. Coming in January, Start Right with PAX will:

Evaluate a student's skills in the following areas: time management, reading, note taking, family issues, concentration, test preparation, and test taking
Identify those potential problems before they occur
Allow faculty and advisers to help students succeed
Be confident in the inferences made on your students' PAX scores to ensure that each admitted student is well-equipped for the rigors of your nursing curriculum.

The NLN Comprehensive Exam Measures UP!
In the measurement field, construct validity and reliability are criteria that define high-quality information (Messick, 1989). In fact, these two criteria constitute the first two chapters of the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (American Educational Research Association, American Psychological Association, and National Council on Measurement in Education, 1999).
Construct validity is concerned with the meaningfulness and accuracy with which inferences can be made about a measured characteristic.
Reliability deals with the consistency of measures under different conditions (Messick, 1989; AERA, APA, and NCME, 1999).
These standards form the psychometric basis of the philosophy of NLN Testing Services.

THE NLN UNDERSTANDS PSYCHOMETRICS! This huge advantage for NLN customers and members relates to the accuracy with which inferences can be made about student NCLEX-readiness through the NLN's Comprehensive Examinations.

In 2007, research was conducted among students who took the NLN Comprehensive Examination-RN that compared their scores to pass rates on the NCLEX-RN exam. The coefficient of determination was calculated at 0.987 (see Table 1). And the same analysis was conducted for the NLN Comprehensive Examination-PN. That coefficient of determination was calculated at 0.997 (see Table 2). Most importantly for our customers, the test development team linked test scores on both the RN and PN exams to the logit scale NCLEX uses.
Bottom line: the NLN's Comprehensive Exams provide you and your students with a highly accurate way to evaluate student learning in preparation for the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN.

Meeting and Exceeding Customer Needs
We are proud of the services we offer that not only meet but exceed your needs. The NLN:
Provides ongoing and excellent customer service and 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week technical support
Offers FREE Curriculum Mapping to our customers who purchase an NLN Testing Solutions package:
A nurse educator from NLN Testing Services will integrate our Achievement Examinations and NCLEX Preparation Tools into your nursing curriculum. In partnership with nurse faculty, we work out how the NLN exams can complement and support your curriculum, enhance student retention, and assist in the assessment of your students' progression toward successfully passing the NCLEX. For information on this service, please email customerhelp@nln.org and indicate interest in the Curriculum Mapping Service.
Offers at least two practice exams for each achievement exam in addition to online remediation so students can proactively address the content areas that need additional review
Shares information on testing blueprints, test specifications, and the tests with nursing faculty, and only recommends those achievement tests that fit your curriculum
Assigns a dedicated representative from our Testing Services team to assist your program with all nurse education issues and concerns. Our philosophy is integrity and excellence above all else.
Students Can Now Prepare for NCLEX Via Text Messaging!
The NLN introduces a cutting-edge, convenient way for students to study for the NCLEX-RN and the NCLEX-PN. This new product complements your school's preparation activities for the NCLEX exam and can be purchased directly by your students. Students have NCLEX-style test questions texted right to their phone or PDA each morning and the correct answers texted each afternoon.

This subscription is flexible enough to accommodate the needs of all levels of students. Please visit https://www.nlnonlinetesting.org/txtprep.html for more details.

Content Advisory Committee - Professionals Wanted
All NLN tests are developed with the active involvement of nurse educators and clinicians. By seeking direction and being responsive to your needs, NLN testing and assessment tools are once again the "gold standard." Your participation on this committee can also fulfill some of the professional development requirements for CNE certification renewal. Please contact customerhelp@nln.org and indicate that you are interested in learning more about this committee. Your request will promptly be forwarded to the committee chairperson.

Customer Service Department Goes "Green"
The NLN has implemented a "Go Green" campaign for all testing customers. Current customers received a letter explaining the "Go Green" policy, and were notified in their most recent score report mailing that no more paper score reports would be sent. Customer Service is contacting each school to provide directions for accessing score reports via the e-Delivery system. All new customers will automatically receive e-Delivery of score reports. Since June, NLN has converted 55 current customers to e-Delivery. This is a tremendous savings for the environment and the NLN.

We Would Like to Hear from You!
We are seeking to support "best practice" applications with our users, so please email us with applications and implementation strategies that have positively impacted your student retention, NCLEX pass rates, or have fostered success of your new hires in the workplace. Please respond to customerhelp@nln.org to share your strategies for success.

Best wishes for an enjoyable and successful school year.
The NLN Testing Services Team

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