Volume 5, Issue 1 - July 2012

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Dear Customer,

As we continue to prepare students for careers in nursing, it has become clear that faculty have less time than ever before to construct lessons, prepare exams, and analyze student outcomes. It is important for educators to have confidence that they will have access to the support they need to evaluate student performance and interpret results. The National League for Nursing, with more than 70 years of experience in the field of nursing education assessment and evaluation and a reputation of excellence in standardized testing and test preparation, is the best-equipped organization to provide this support.

The NLN is committed to evolving to meet the needs of nursing communities and ensuring student success through the development and implementation of high quality assessment and evaluation tools. In the last year, the NLN has launched the Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) Module, new Spanish-language assessment exams, a new Drug Dosage Calculation Exam, a new Nursing Care of the Older Adult Exam, and an array of standardized curriculum and remediation tools.

I look forward to meeting you at the 2012 NLN Summit and discussing with you the many ways NLN Testing Services is working hard to meet the changing needs of dynamic nursing communities.

Best Wishes,

Angel Feliciano
Senior Director, Testing Services

NCLEX Pass Rates
For the first time in three years, students graduating after April 1, 2011 encountered a more difficult PN NCLEX exam than those who took the exam previously. The National Council for State Boards of Nursing raised the passing standard in December 2010, after an analysis showed that the knowledge and skills required of nurses had increased. As a result, schools will likely see a drop in NCLEX success rates. In 2011, 84 percent of PN students that took the NCLEX passed, down from 86 percent in 2010. As schools adjust their curricula to better match the new PN test plan, pass rates are likely to level out. To aid in preparation, NLN Testing Services offers a range of options for nurse educators and nursing program administrators to choose from, and can provide tailored recommendations and advice to ensure that your nursing students are among those who pass.

CAT Module Gets Positive Feedback from Pilot Schools,
New Users
In addition to being the cornerstone of our traditional testing products, NLN Testing Services' new ACTION platform runs the NLN's new Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) Module for RN nursing students. Since its launch, the CAT has garnered an overwhelming positive response due to the true NCLEX testing environment the CAT provides. Numerous schools have purchased the test for administration to their graduating students. The CAT is an invaluable tool for all programs that take a comprehensive approach to NCLEX preparation.

New Product Spotlight
Contact Testing Services Customer Service to find out how these products help students succeed.
  • Nursing Care of the Older Adult Exam: 60-item comprehensive gerontology exam
  • Drug Dosage Calculation Exam: 75-item medication administration/mathematical dosage calculation exam
  • Concept-Based Curriculum Exams: North Carolina, Puerto Rico (Spanish language), others to follow
Meeting the Bilingual Challenge
With an increasing number of nursing students coming from Spanish-speaking backgrounds, practicing in Spanish, or both, the need for improved methods of assessment and evaluation in Spanish is increasing.

When nursing students with limited English ability take English-language exams and do poorly, it is difficult to determine whether the culprit is a lack of nursing knowledge or a lack of English ability. Many of these students seek to practice in non-English settings, where English ability will not affect nursing ability. Barring skilled candidates from advancement on the basis of language issues has the potential to contribute to the global nursing shortage, yet assessment exams have not traditionally been available in Spanish.

In response to this unmet need, NLN Testing Services created a series of Spanish-language assessment exams designed to provide an accurate picture of clinical competency among Spanish-speaking nursing students. These exams are in use in Puerto Rico and at select nursing programs in the continental US. The response so far has been overwhelmingly positive; nursing students are pleased to be assessed on the basis of clinical skill independent of English ability and faculty are happy to have an accurate prediction of student success.

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