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Mission and Strategic Plan

National League for Nursing - About the NLN


The National League for Nursing promotes excellence in nursing education to build a strong and diverse nursing workforce to advance the health of our nation and the global community. ​

Goals and Objectives

Goal I

Leader in Nursing Education: Enhance the NLN's national and international impact as the recognized leader in nursing education.


The NLN will:

  • Drive initiatives to build inclusive excellence in the nurse educator workforce.
  • Promote the preparation of a nurse workforce that contributes to health care quality and safety.
  • Advance excellence, innovation, and integrity in nursing education.
  • Be the primary source of data for legislation, regulations, or decisions about nursing education and the nurse educator workforce; and that inform teaching practices across all types of nursing education programs for diverse student populations.
  • Promote a global community of nurse educators to identify and influence issues related to excellence in nursing education.

Goal II

Commitment to Members: Engage a diverse, sustainable, member-led organization with the capacity to deliver our mission effectively, efficiently, and in accordance with our values.


The NLN will:

  • Engage, empower, and be responsive to current and emerging nurse educators, those aspiring to the role, deans, nursing education programs, and organizations with a commitment to nursing education.
  • Be the leading provider of products and services for the continuous professional development of nursing faculty.
  • Build a diverse membership through comprehensive, inclusive, and aggressive methods. Collaborate with constituent leagues to strengthen the NLN family.
  • Design all NLN programs and initiatives to provide maximum benefit to NLN members.
  • Achieve annual revenue goals while ensuring that the infrastructure meets the growing needs of the organization.

Goal III

Champion for Nurse Educators: Be the voice of nurse educators and champion their interests in political, academic, and professional arenas.​


The NLN will:

  • Continue to provide opportunities for the nurse educator community to dialogue.
  • Promote nursing education as an advanced practice role.
  • Shape and inform public policy on nursing education at all levels.
  • Lead efforts to create and sustain healthful work environments that value and support inclusive excellence.
  • Expand and sustain alliances with other influential organizations.

Goal IV

Advancement of the Science of Nursing Education: Promote research that generates evidence about nursing education and the scholarship of teaching..​


The NLN will:

  • Promote the continuous development of faculty as educator-scholars.
  • Advocate for and channel resources to support nursing education research
  • Develop, design, and advance research initiatives that have broad-based significance, promote evidence-based teaching practices, are critical to decision making at institutional and national levels, and serve to transform nursing education.