National League of NursingNational League of Nursing

The Voice of Nursing Education

The NLN, the premier organization for nurse educators, offers professional development, teaching resources, research grants, testing services, and public policy initiatives to its 40,000 individual and 1,200 institutional members, comprising nursing education programs across higher education and health care.

Programming & Activities

  • SOLD-OUT | Learning to Use Debriefing for Meaningful Learning

    25 – 26
    During this one-and-a-half-day workshop, we will learn how to engage students in critical conversations during debriefing and how to use the Debriefing for Meaningful Learning method.
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  • North Carolina Leagues for Nursing Spring Workshop - Social Media in Nurse Education

    The North Caroline League for Nursing invites you to participate in our 2017 Spring Workshop, “Twitter and Facebook and Instagram, Oh My!" – Social Media in Nurse Education.
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  • Massachusetts/Rhode Island League for Nursing Spring Conference 2017

    The Wisconsin and Illinois Leagues for Nursing invites you to participate in our 2017 Spring Meeting.
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