Teaching Strategies


The teaching strategies offered in this section are guidelines for faculty to develop encounters with older adults that are intentional and that incorporate all or some of the ACE.S Knowledge Domains and Essential Nursing Actions into student learning experiences. The teaching strategies are categorized according to their major focus in the context of the ACE.S Knowledge Domains, but each of them covers more than one of the knowledge domains and essential nursing actions.


Individualized Aging
Since the aging process is unique to each individual, assessing function and expectations of care is essential.

Complexity of Care
The care of older adults requires specialized knowledge in the art and science of both nursing and medicine to manage the interplay of factors that influence quality of care.

Vulnerability During Transitions
Older adulthood is dynamic as the person transitions from one form, state, activity, or place to another. Transitions have the potential to create upheaval and disequilibrium for older adults and their families.