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Advancing Care Excellence (ACE) is an ongoing NLN initiative to improve the quality of care for vulnerable populations. ACE programs provide free teacher-ready curriculum tools that can be used in a wide variety of environments including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, long-term care facilities, and community settings.

ACE addresses five vulnerable populations: ACE.S (Advancing Care Excellence for Seniors)ACE.Z (Advancing Care Excellence for Alzheimer's Patients and Caregivers)ACE.V (Advancing Care Excellence for Veterans), ACE.D (Advancing Care Excellence for Persons with Disabilities), and ACE.P (Advancing Care Excellence for Pediatrics). The NLN Center for Excellence in the Care of Vulnerable Populations currently is developing ACE.C (Advancing Care Excellence for Caregivers).

Each vulnerable population has unfolding cases and teaching strategies.

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The Advancing Care Excellence series is a grant-funded initiative. Learn more about ACE Partners.


Contact a member of the ACE team:

Andrea Browning, ACE Program Manager