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SIRC Courses

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NLN Simulation Innovation Resource Center courses are an online e-learning solution for simulation faculty and staff development. The SIRC courses are designed for faculty and staff development, and include topics covering everything from the basics of integrating and debriefing simulations, to conducting evaluation and research. Continuing Education (CE) credits are offered for each of these courses. Access to the courses selected is good for one year.

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SIRC Courses

  • Advanced Evaluation

  • Curriculum Integration

  • Debriefing

  • Developing Faculty

  • Evaluating Simulations

  • Guidelines for Simulation Research

  • Implementing Simulation as a Teaching and Learning Strategy

  • Integrating Concepts into Simulations

  • Maximizing Realism

  • Simulation-Based Interprofessional Education

  • Simulation Pedagogy

  • Standardized Patients

  • Unfolding Cases

  • All Course Bundle

Access previously awarded certificates »
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