Preparing for the Certified Nurse Educator® Novice Examination

Before you begin to study for the Certified Nurse Educator Novice examination, please make sure that you meet the eligibility requirements. The Certified Nurse Educator Novice examination is designed to assess the knowledge one has acquired to function in the faculty role. To that end, it is recommended that in preparing for this examination, you begin by reviewing the following:

  1. The detailed test blueprint (PDF) to identify the content areas that will be on the exam and to determine which areas you should focus your study.
  2. The test blueprint (PDF) to understand how each content area is weighted, and to review the percentage of questions that pertain to each area.
  3. The recommended reference list (PDF), which provides references specific to each of the content areas. The recommended reference list is provided to serve as a guide and is not intended to be all-inclusive.
  4. Sample questions, which can be found on pages 14-15 of the Candidate Handbook. These sample questions are similar to those found on the examination, but do not represent the full range of content.
  5. A Self-Assessment Examination (SAE) is an internet-based, 65-item, multiple- choice practice examination and can be considered a learning tool and assessment instrument that is parallel in form to the actual CNE®n examination. The CNE®n SAE is a half-length examination that will meet the examination specifications including content outline coverage, percentage of items in each of the content categories and the cognitive complexity item distribution. By taking the SAE, candidates will be able to practice taking CNE®n-type questions, experience computer-based testing, review rationales for correct and incorrect answers and receive a score report to assess strengths and areas for additional study. Note: those who purchase the SAE will be provided online access to this product for 60 days from the date of purchase.
CNE®n SAE Form A
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CNE®n SAE Form B
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In addition, we have the following resource available for purchase:

The Scope of Practice for Academic Nurse Educators developed in 2005 by the National League for Nursing’s Certification Governance Committee, and revised in 2012. This document describes academic nursing education as a specialty area and an advanced nursing practice role within professional nursing. The description includes: definition, historical perspective, values and beliefs, theoretical framework, scope of practice, and competencies or standards of practice. To order your copy of The Scope of Practice for Academic Nurse Educators, visit NLN Bookstore.

Please make certain that you carefully review the Candidate Handbook for complete information about the Certified Nurse Educator Novice examination.

Although the NLN has preparatory courses and resource materials available to anyone interested in certification, these materials are not the only way to review and prepare for any of the certifications available. There are many different methods and materials that may be helpful in the study process. The certification program gives no advantage to those applicants using NLN-sponsored materials. Information is not known to the program regarding which applicant used which specific study approaches and materials. The purchase of NLN-sponsored preparatory and/or study materials is totally optional for all applicants and will never be a requirement of NLN Certification.