Nursing Education Research Conference


Revolutionizing Nursing Education Research: Bridging Science, Innovation, and Teaching Excellence to Achieve Health Equity

Call for abstracts deadline: May 22, 2024 

Save the conference dates: March 27 - March 29, 2025

Westin Washington, DC Downtown

The focus of the 2025 Nursing Education Research Conference (NERC) is to unravel the multidimensional complexities of higher education and healthcare through highlighting research in nursing education that transforms our pedagogical practices. 

NERC aims to empower participants with the knowledge, data, skills, and networks needed to drive positive transformations in nursing education with the goal to achieve health equity. This will be accomplished by touching upon policies, research, social justice, and teaching practices, to influence systems and sustain change.

Participants will:

  • delve into implementation science to anticipate the future of nursing education and leverage technology and evolving evidence-based pedagogical approaches to prepare the future workforce. 
  • acquire strategies to effectively navigate and shape educational policy to create a teaching/learning environment informed by data. 
  • explore robust research designs. 
  • experience mentorship with a body of diverse nurse scientists who advance the revolutionary changes that are essential to preparing the next generation of nurses.


    NERC 2025 Program Outcomes
    • Leverage opportunities for participants to network with peers, experts, and leaders of research in nursing education.
    • Empower participants to actively shape nursing education policies and practices based on data.
    • Implement learning science into teaching practice with a focus on innovative teaching/learning methodologies, technological integrations, and evolving approaches.
    • Learn how nurse educators can embed evidence-informed principles into their teaching practices that foster the development of social justice advocates for health equity. 
    • Use robust designs to generate, translate, and disseminate evidence for teaching practice. 

    Follow the NLN Research Priorities (2024-2027)

    • Build the science of nursing education.
    • Build a diverse nurse faculty capacity and enhance teaching practice.
    • Create teaching & learning environments that enhance DEI for student learning and progression.