Find Your NLN ID

Please click here to find your personal NLN ID number:



Did you know?

  • Your personal NLN ID number is yours for life. 
  • Through periods of membership and non-membership, changes in employment, and changes in location, this NLN ID number will always be yours.
  • Your school has an NLN agency ID number - you should never need this number. If an administrator gives you this number, please disregard it and use your personal NLN ID number.
  • Renew/activate your NLN membership by clicking here.

Changes in membership

  • If you were a member of the NLN through your school and would like to become an individual member, you will keep the same NLN ID number. Please write to us at so that we can switch your account.
  • If you move to a new NLN-member school, please have your dean or director send us an email with your ID number and we will transfer your membership to your new school:
  • Do NOT create a new NLN membership account. Duplicate accounts will cause login confusion and create longer processing for your membership requests.

What to do if you cannot find your NLN ID number through the online search above:

  • First, search the last state where you lived (in addition to the current state where you live now).
  • If you work for an online school, please consider using the state wherein your school's administrative offices reside. The dean or director may have used the school's address on your personal account. 
  • If you still cannot find your NLN ID number, you may not be in the NLN database. If your school is a member of the NLN, your dean or dean's assistant will need to add you to the school's roster inside the NLN website. The NLN cannot add you to the roster, because we cannot verify your employment.