NLN Institute for Diversity & Global Initiatives

To increase diversity in nursing, promote global leadership development, and co-create initiatives, the center seeks collaborative opportunities with organizations here and abroad. The NLN’s presence in the global arena includes leadership in the ICN Education Network. The center will secure funding to advance global health and nursing education, generate publications and research, and support efforts to increase nurse educator and student diversity and inclusivity.


Educating learners and improving competencies demands a wide range of high quality training tools. Identifying and managing potential adverse events can help ensure safe patient care. MamaBirthie is simulator, ideal for training in birthing assessment and can be used for basic skill acquisition and competency development for all stages of labor. It can be used as a tabletop model for demonstration or worn to facilitate simulation. The NLN has partnered with Laerdal Global Health on a mission of improving education for health care providers around the globe. Through the Buy One, Gift One program, MamaBirthie simulators will be used to train many thousands of birth attendants in low resource countries.

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