School of Nursing Membership

Why Should Your Institution Join the NLN?

Free Faculty Benefit
When you join the NLN, your full- and part-time faculty receive a personal membership account with full individual benefits at no additional charge. Membership for the institution and its faculty begin on January 1st and end on December 31st every year. The NLN faculty roster is maintained and updated by the school's dean or primary representative. Find more institutional benefits here!

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Membership Period - 2024 Dues Rates

Membership in the NLN is for a 12-month period and is billed by the calendar year (January to December). If an education agency joins after May, membership fees are discounted. All agency membership ends on December 31. For schools with multiple campuses joining after April, only the main campus fee is discounted.

Single-site Campus
Multi-site Campus
The membership fee for single-site campuses is based upon the number of graduates from your program.*

1-50 graduates  ………..$1,260

51-100 graduates  …….$1,545

101+ graduates  ……….$1,845

 *The number of graduates includes all nursing program graduates from September 1, 2022 to August 31, 2023.

NOTE: Single-site campuses can have multiple program types, such as BSN, MAS (master's), DOC (all doctoral programs) and more. As long as the programs exist on the same campus with the same zip code, they are considered to be a single campus site. 

The membership fee for multi-site campuses is based upon the number of campuses.*

Base campus fee  …………… $1,845

Per additional campus  ……... $390

For example: base + one additional campus = $2,235; base + two additional campuses = $2,625

*Any campus with a different zip code than the base campus, is considered an additional campus.

NOTE: Additional campuses do not have access to add and drop faculty from their roster inside the NLN web portal.  There is only one institutional login credential for the base campus and additional campuses, therefore any changes must be made by the base campus.


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Who can join the NLN?

Education agency membership is open to all education institutions that offer a nursing program, in accordance with the following:

  • Schools of nursing with multiple locations that are accredited individually are each considered a separate education agency for NLN membership. Prelicensure programs must have approval by the state agency that has legal authority for educational programs in nursing. Institutions that are in the process of developing a nursing program may request provisional membership by contacting the Membership Department at 1-800-669-1656.

NLN agency membership refund policy.