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Live Streamed Simulation

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Matthew Fox

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Identification of the Problem

Simulation lab set-ups that allow a live feed video and audio to be displayed in a different room is expensive. If working with a simulation lab without new built-in technology, live streaming simulation to another classroom for remote viewing and debriefing is challenging.

Unique Idea

A platform such a YouTube offers a Live stream feature.


  1. Create a private YouTube account for simulation use.
  2. Create a live stream feed set-up to allow for remote viewing.


  1. YouTube account.
  2. Laptop with a built-in camera and microphone or an external camera and microphone.
  3. Classroom space with a computer, speaker, and projector.

Steps to Creating the Solution

  1. Create YouTube account. For security and privacy ensure that your account is private.
  2. Set-up the laptop in the simulation room to allow for video and audio capture.
  3. Open YouTube on the laptop internet browser, and click live stream. Ensure the video is marked as unlisted for an additional privacy measure. Share the YouTube link so the link can be copy and pasted to the classroom computer.
  4. In the remote classroom location, open an internet browser and paste the YouTube Live stream URL. Ensure the projector and speaker are turned on for students to view the simulation.