Colleagues, the NLN remains the leader in nursing education.

Member engagement continues to be our strength and our most valuable commodity. Thank you to the thousands of nurse educators involved with the NLN. You are the backbone of our work to bring essential resources to all our members who teach in programs across the academic spectrum.

The NLN Centers for Nursing Education have been extraordinarily busy.  The partnership between NLN and Chamberlain continues successfully with the NLN / Chamberlain University College of Nursing Center for the  Advancement of the Science of Nursing Education. 

A special publication is being released at the Summit this year. The publication, Best Practices in Teaching Nursing, is edited by Drs. Joanne Noon and Paula Gubrud.  There was a meet and greet at the opening reception with the editors. This title is also available for purchase at the Summit and online in the NLN Bookstore.

Plus, a critical themed issue of Nursing Education Perspectives on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Nursing Education is also being shared. The co-editors of the 2023 issue are Dr. Steven Palazzo, Florida State University, Tallahassee; Dr. Sandra Davis, NLN; and Dr. Cheryl Green, Abilene Christian University, Texas.  Copies of the journal are being distributed at this Summit at the registration booth as well as made available online at 

A call for manuscripts for the 2024 special Summit issue remains open until January 2024. The topic for that special issue is Addressing Mental Health Issues in Nursing Education, with co-editors Drs. Audrey Beauvais and Jeffrey Jones. We have outstanding experts who serve on NEP’s editorial board.

Planning begins for the Nursing Education Research Conference, or NERC, in Washington, DC, for March 27-29, 2025, sponsored by the NLN. Start planning to attend now. NERC 2023 was an extraordinary success. We hope to see you there!

Moving on to the Center for Transformational Leadership, there are 41 participants in the yearlong NLN Leadership Institute, which includes LEAD  and the Leadership Development Program for Simulation Educators. The application deadline for the 2024 cohort for the NLN Leadership Institute  Programs is October 9. There are over 500 alumni.

In 2021, the NLN, the premier professional organization for nurse faculty and leaders in nursing education, and its partner Laerdal Medical, RQI Partners, and the American Heart Association announced a new partnership to help advance transformation of the standard of resuscitation care for cardiac arrest. 

Resuscitation Quality Improvement’s innovative, evidence-based digital approach helps learners achieve sustained mastery of high-quality CPR skills and verified competence through short, quarterly practice and review sessions. Currently, there are 34 schools of nursing adopters and over 5,000 subscriptions. The initiative continues to be successful.

The NLN / Walden University College of Nursing Institute for Social Determinants of Health and Social Change cultivates leaders who can address issues of social determinants of health and equity in a variety of settings. The Leadership Academy is housed in the Institute as a year-long program deigned to develop leaders and catalysts of social change who understand the foundations of inequities and have the knowledge, skills, and courage, to navigate complex organizational systems and structures to address the social and structural determinants of health, so that all individuals and communities can live the healthiest life possible. The NLN / Walden Leadership Academy is in its second year with 10 interprofessional educators. A book about leadership and social determinants of health is scheduled for release in 2024.

The Center for Innovation in Education Excellence continues to integrate creative initiatives such as Faculty Intensives, Simulation Innovation Resource Center Deeper Dive Courses, and Coaching for Excellence Courses. The center has partnered with Laerdal Medical and Wolters Kluwer to complete an advanced medical-surgical full scale scenario pilot, as well as vrClinicals. 

Two NLN nurse educators traveled to Copenhagen to conduct a workshop with Laerdal’s development team to showcase the vrClinicals for nursing education experience. Additionally, the NLN Nursing EDge Podcast is a finalist for a PR Daily Nonprofit Communications Award for outstanding podcasts.

Next, there have been several successes for the NLN’s public policy and advocacy outreach. For example, the NLN was invited to attend the Black Maternal Health Summit sponsored by Representatives Lauren Underwood and Alma Adams. NLN has supported legislation such as the Momnibus Act and Title VIII funding for nursing and climate change and health and decarbonization. The NLN Public Policy Committee has developed the 2023-2024 Public Policy Agenda.
The NLN also conducted the NLN Schools of Nursing Survey. Many thanks to everyone who took the time to complete this survey because the data is so important for dissemination to policymakers, funders, accreditation agencies, and regulators.

Next, the NLN Certification Department now has three certifications available for nurse educators: Certified Nurse Educator or CNE; Certified Clinical Nurse Educator or CNEcl; and Certified Novice Nurse Educator or CNEn.

Since 2005, over 15,000 academic nurse educators have earned the credential of Certified Nurse Educator. This credential measures excellence as an academic nurse educator, practicing in the full scope of the role. During the past 12 months, more than 800 nurse educators have achieved certification as an academic nurse educator.

In recognition of the thousands of academic nurse educators who practice as a clinical educator only, or adjunct or preceptor, or one of the other titles referring to the same role of teaching students during clinical experiences, a second academic nurse educator certification exam was created four years ago. The number of those certified as clinical nurse educators now is approaching 600.

We are extremely excited to announce the implementation in 2022 of the third certification, the CNE Novice. The target group for this certification is nurse educators within the first three years of practice as a nurse educator. The examination test items are leveled to performance expectations of new faculty. Since the launch of the CNE Novice exam, we now have over 300 nurse educators certified at the novice level.

We currently have developed an exploratory task group assigned to the potential development of nurse educator competencies and task statements for the Practical/Vocational nurse educator. Keep an eye out for the new web-based certificate programs that will be available later this year. Some of the certificates will include online nursing education, moving into the clinical nurse educator role, becoming new faculty, and an introduction to the role of the practical / vocational nurse educator.   

The NLN Assessment Services Division offers a comprehensive range of assessments to support nursing programs, students, employers, and practicing nurses.  These assessments can help guide admission decisions, evaluate subject matter proficiency, advance student placement, test NCLEX readiness, and assess practice knowledge.  

As NCLEX preparation also remains a priority for programs and students, Assessment Services offers NCLEX reviews - onsite and virtually - at the request of LPN and RN programs. Additionally, smaller cohorts and individual students can take advantage of pre-scheduled virtual reviews.

Turning to communications, this has been an impactful and award-winning year for the team—which is back to full strength. Our new marketing and communications manager, Ann Marie Watson, joined the NLN after most recently serving as senior manager for digital communications strategy at Americans for the Arts. We are glad to have her with us.

Now about those awards. Since we last met at last year’s Summit, the NLN has received multiple national publications and communications honors. First, the NLN website,, and our Taking Aim Initiative: Addressing Structural Racism, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Implicit Bias and Social Justice both earned national acclaim in the PR Daily Awards.

Next the NLN received eight Hermes Creative Awards for and the Summit website, the NLN Nursing EDge Unscripted Podcast, and for our newsletters. The NLN was also honored with a Grand Award, the top honor, for Most Improved Website in the APEX Awards for Publication Excellence and earned APEX Awards of Excellence for and the Member Update newsletter. And last but not least, the podcast also won a PR Daily award.

Truly all of us at the NLN can take pride in these achievements since everyone on staff has a role in our communications. A special shout-out to our communications team, led by Mike Keaton, with India West as our digital marketing manager and now also Ann Marie, for the stellar job they do.