Board Recognition

NLN Certification Board of Commissioner’s Recognition

The NLN Certification Board of Commissioners proudly awards the first-ever recognition certificate to Dr. Peggy Daw, who serves as the Nurse Support Program II Grant Administrator for the Maryland Higher Education Commission in Baltimore.

Dr. Daw led a state initiative between the Maryland Council of Nursing Deans and Directors and the Maryland Higher Education Commission Nurse Support Program II to develop a new faculty program to facilitate new and maintenance of certification. The Nurse Support Program II developed the Academic Nurse Educator Certification (ANEC) Award.

Maryland’s ANEC program provided four free NLN-approved CNE exam review workshops for over 120 educators and 37 new CNE faculty. Based on survey findings, Dr. Daw continued her collaboration with practice and education leaders to develop the ANEC incentive and recognition award that includes a $5,000 financial award for each new or renewing Maryland CNE faculty educator recipient.

Led by Dr. Daw, the Maryland ANEC program is a state initiative that demonstrates an increase in the number of NLN Certified Nurse Educators (CNE®), provides formal recognition, facilitates preparation and maintenance, and provides financial incentives for new and continuing CNE® certifications. An increase in intrinsic value is expected through individual accountability and pursuit of excellence as faculty achieve certification in their specialty area of practice.

The Maryland ANEC Program outcomes included 57 total new and renewal awards for $285,000 released to the schools on behalf of the faculty for FY 2019. Congratulations to Dr. Daw for this success.

About the NLN Certification Board of Commissioner’s Recognition

Since the inception of the NLN Academic Nurse Educator certification, there has been a steady increase in the number of CNE®-certified faculty. This increase has been the result of dedicated service by NLN staff and leadership, members, and various certification-related committees and boards. As a result, the Certification Board of Commissioners has established this ongoing recognition for programs that provide outstanding support for academic nurse educator certification.

In 2019, the NLN Certification Board of Commissioners recognized a program leader who started the first statewide initiative to increase the number and provide continuing recognition of CNE® faculty. Certification validates knowledge, expertise, and experience in a specialty area of practice. The perceived value of certification may be positive, but extrinsic rewards may be necessary to increase certification rates. With the CNE® achievement as a mark of distinction, certified faculty serve as leaders and role models.

Research on CNE® certification examination results, and first-time unsuccessful attempts, identify exam preparation strategies, incentives, and rewards. Strategies and incentives include individually created timelines, formal direction from nursing education leadership, and personal faculty investment.