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The Peg E. Daw NLN Certification Star AwardHonoring the Pursuit of Excellence & Advancement of Nurse Educator Certification is an annual recognition of individuals, programs, or organizations that clearly recognize and exemplify the pursuit of excellence and the advancement of certifications.

The Star Award will recognize outstanding individuals, programs, or organizations that have made a significant difference or substantial impact on nursing education, embraced nurse education through adoption and/or promotion of certification, and helped to sustain certifications and excellence in education.

Each year, two Star Awards will be granted. One will be granted to an organization and one to an individual. Both awards will be granted to those that have exemplified the pursuit of excellence and advancement of certifications. 

Application Guidelines

Nominations will be accepted for individuals and for organizations that embrace, recognize, and exemplify the pursuit of excellence and the advancement of certifications though demonstrated success story(ies), project(s), or other such contribution(s). Self-nominations are acceptable.

Please include in your application:



Phone and Email

Person Nominating


Phone and Email 

Description of Initiative/Project/Program:

  1. Provide a brief impact statement that capsulizes the overarching foundation of the initiative/project/program, original goal(s), and ultimate outcome(s). If in process, a description of successful results to date must be included. Why does this individual or organization deserve to be recognized for the Certification Star Award? (< 250 words)
  2. Provide a narrative expressing and documenting the need or gap addressed. Please provide the minimum outcome envisioned as a result of the initiative/project/program proposal. (< 250 words)
  3. Describe the initiative/project/program, steps to initiate, involvement of others, timeline from idea to completion (attainment of positive outcomes or implementation date). (< 250 words)
  4. Results: Describe the end result and outcomes achieved. If quantifiable and results-driven, please describe how measured. (<250 words)

Letter(s) of support/endorsements - Minimum of 2

Submit an Application

Deadline July 1, 2024