Scheduling and Completing your VIRTUAL Exam 

Virtual testing is completed with Proctor360.
Student Guide for Using Proctor360


Scheduling Your Exam

After you purchase your virtual exam, you will receive a confirmation email from the NLN with the following instructions:

1. AFTER you have purchased your NLN Assessment, go to Proctor360 to schedule your online exam session.  DO THIS AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE to increase the likelihood of a convenient date/time slot. You will need to schedule AT LEAST 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE of your desired testing time

2. Click the blue “Register” button next to the name of the assessment you purchased.

3. On the page that loads, you will need to register as a student/test candidate on Proctor360’s platform if this is the first time you have used Proctor360.  You MUST use the same email address that you used to purchase your assessment from NLN.

If you are a new user, click the box below the login button that says "Don't have an account?" If you are a returning Proctor360 user, please log in to your account.

4. Choose from the available dates and times to schedule* your session.  

5. Once you have scheduled your exam session, Proctor360 will send you an email with instructions to complete a System Inspection prior to your actual exam date.  This process MUST be completed prior to your scheduled exam time in order to ensure that your computer and internet access are sufficient to take the exam online.  Be sure to complete the System Inspection well in advance of your scheduled exam session so you have plenty of time to resolve any issues that may arise. Please note, you will need either a laptop OR an external webcam to complete the environment check and while testing.

6. When your System Inspection is complete, you will receive another email from Proctor360 confirming that you have completed the process, and a link will be provided to check into your session on the day of your exam.  If you do not receive this email within an hour after completing the System Inspection, please contact Proctor360’s Support Staff for assistance.


*If you need to reschedule your exam session, you must do so at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so will result in a $30 rescheduling fee. To reschedule, please create a support ticket with Proctor360


Testing Environment

You must be alone in a secure area with no other individuals or distractions in the testing area.

You should be at a desk or table (not in bed, on a couch, etc).

  • No headsets or earbuds are allowed during the test.
  • Absolutely no cell phones are allowed in the testing area at any time during the session.
  • You may only have ONE monitor connected to your computer during the exam session. Your proctor will not let you begin the exam until all other screens have been disconnected and removed from your testing space.
  • No food or beverages are allowed in the testing area at any time.
  • The testing area must be silent with no other background noise. There is no speaking allowed during your test. This is required in order to maintain equity with students who test in person.
  • No Smart Watches or similar IOT devices are allowed. Make sure you remove any watches or similar devices before beginning the check-in process for your exam session.

There are no restroom breaks allowed during the majority of the assessments, so please plan accordingly


Allowed Testing Material

During your exam session, your environment must be clean and clear of any prohibited materials, notes, or study guides. During the check-in process on Exam Day, you will be required to submit a scan of your desktop and the surrounding space in order to verify that you have no prohibited materials accessible during the exam.

The following items are the ONLY items allowed during your test session:

  • Basic 4 Function Calculator (no cellphone, advanced, or scientific calculator is permitted; there is a calculator built into the testing software if you do not have your own)
  • Dry Erase Board
  • Dry Erase marker
  • Dry Erase Board Eraser


Testing Day

  • Use the link provided in your e-mail from to connect to your proctored session. Proceed with the check-in process. A chat box will be located on the bottom right of your screen to communicate with your proctor.