ACE+ triptych

Mike Walker


Mike Walker is a 70-year-old man who lives with his partner, Jim Smythe. Mike and Jim have been together for the past 30 years. Prior to their relationship, Mike was previously married for 10 years and has one 48-year-old son.

Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3

Mike is seen in an emergent care center for rectal bleeding. Mike does not have a primary care health provider.

Two months have passed since the first scenario where Mike was seen in the emergent care center for rectal bleeding. This scenario takes place in a medical/surgical unit. Mike was admitted to the med-surg unit from the Emergency Department following heavy rectal bleeding. Since his emergent case visit, Mike had many tests and received a recent diagnosis of stage 4 colon cancer. He is being admitted for observation and a blood transfusion.

A day has passed since Mike’s most recent admission for a blood transfusion. Mike, his son, and his current partner are presented with treatment options related to his stage 4 colon cancer diagnosis. Contention occurs when Mike’s partner is unable to participate in the medical decision-making process because they are not married.


Finish the Story Assignment

Learners have now seen Mike at three snapshots in time. What do they think Mike's life will be like three months from now?

Author Information

Colleen Meakim, MSN, RN, CHSE-A, ANEF
Villanova University