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Advancing Care Excellence for LGBTQ+ People Unfolding Case Webinar Recording - coming soon!

A recording of the March 2023 Advancing Care Excellence for LGBTQ+ People (ACE+) webinar is coming soon. The ACE+ project shares evidence-based teaching resources about care of LGBTQ+ people to nursing programs across the US and beyond.

Coming Soon - View the ACE+ Unfolding Case Webinar Recording

Overview and Introduction to Providing Respectful Care to LGBTQ+ People

The PowerPoint offers foundational information on providing respectful care to LBGTQ+ people. The plus (+) sign indicates inclusion of other sexual and gender minorities not captured in the LGBTQ acronym. Information included in the file is listed below.

  1. Definitions and terminology used by LGBTQ+ people are offered and subject to change over time.
  2. Demographic information gives notice to the increased number of those who identify as LGBTQ+.
  3. Position statements from key professional nursing organizations provide guidance to nursing education and students.
  4. Research studies are discussed informing nursing education for inclusion of LGBTQ+ content in curricula.

Suggested LGBTQ+ Reading and Resources

This reading and resource list is intended to provide nursing faculty with important background information needed to use ACE+ materials and resources. 

NLN Vision: Achieving diversity and meaningful inclusion in nursing education

The National League for Nursing has created a vision statement to address diversity and meaningful inclusion.