NLN Constituent League Affiliation Guidelines

The purpose of a Constituent League, affiliated with the National League for Nursing, is to support and implement the mission of the NLN to promote excellence in nursing education to build a strong and diverse nursing workforce to advance the nation's health at the constituent level.

Constituent Leagues, affiliated with the NLN, meet the following standards:

  • Promote the products and services of the NLN.
  • Participate in the securing of funds at the local/state level to promote faculty development and quality nursing education at the constituent level.
  • Serve as a monitor for public policy issues related to education of nurses at the constituent level.
  • Identify, recruit, engage, and develop members for constituent and national leadership work groups and task forces.
  • Develop alliances at the constituent level to advance quality nursing education.
  • Serve as a channel of communication between NLN and the League's members, and members to members.
  • Promote strategies to advance the science of nursing education at the state and local level.

Requirements for Affiliation with the National League for Nursing:

  • Adopt national uniform bylaws for Constituent Leagues
  • Implement all Affiliation Standards (as noted above)
  • Implement a conflict of interest policy
  • Adopt financial policies (including all NLN amendments)
  • Adopt lobbying guidelines for Constituent Leagues
  • Adopt NLN communication standards
  • Conduct a year-end audit
  • Meet state and national tax filing requirements
  • All officers and board members of the CL maintain NLN membership during their tenure
  • Maintain a membership of at least 50 members
  • Hold an annual meeting of members
  • Hold annual election of officers and board members
  • Create an annual budget
  • Implement a strategic plan that aligns with NLN goals
  • Submit completed annual report by January 31 of each year that shows compliance with all standards and requirements for affiliation

Full Affiliation Guidelines can be downloaded here.

Key information outlining an NLN affiliated constituent league responsibilities are included on this page. Please share this information with your board. None of the information outlined on this page may be changed by leagues.

Additional Policies & Sample Policies

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  6.  Board Structure & Practices
  7.  Committees
  8.  Communications
  9.  Finance
  10.  Fundraising
  11.  Organization
  12.  Programming
  13.  Staffing