Eileen Suzuki and Angela Foster


Angela Foster, age 60, was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She had a mastectomy and will receive radiation and chemotherapy.  She is divorced, and her sons do not live nearby.  Her longtime friend Eileen, age 61, offered to assist her with post-op care. Eileen is retired, has 31-year-old twin daughters, Stacy and Jennifer.  Eileen babysits for Jennifer’s 2-year-old daughter Harper while Jennifer takes classes to complete her business degree and works part time.
Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3

Simulation Scenario 1 takes place in acute care setting, post-op day 2 after Angela’s mastectomy. Angela will be discharged with 2 surgical drains. Eileen is present for discharge teaching and she needs to learn how to do wound care and a dressing change. Eileen has no experience with medical or nursing tasks and will need coaching. She has some concerns about bringing her granddaughter along to Angela’s home.

Simulation Scenario 2 takes place in the Cancer Care Center three weeks after Angela’s mastectomy. Angela just completed her radiotherapy planning and measurement appointment and has had her therapy marking done by the radiotherapist. Yesterday Angela sprained her ankle and is on crutches, so Eileen drove her to the Cancer Center. Eileen’s daughter Jennifer was offered more hours at her job, so Eileen now must babysit 5 days per week. Eileen is concerned about how she will manage since Angela will need help with cooking, housework and other chores as well as transportation for her radiation treatments. Some of Angela’s teacher friends have offered to help, but Angela told them that Eileen is taking care of her.

Simulation Scenario 3 takes place at the Cancer Care Center in the Chemotherapy Unit. Angela will be receiving chemotherapy weekly for several months. Each treatment lasts several hours. This is her 2nd treatment and she has been experiencing nausea and anorexia. Angela and Eileen have questions about the use of cannabis to control the nausea. Caregiver Eileen has some other family commitments related to childcare and she is worried she will no longer be able to bring her friend for appointments.

Finish the Story Assignment

Learners have now seen Eileen at three snapshots in time. What do they think her life will be like three months from now?

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