NLN Edmund J. Y. Pajarillo Health Informatics and Innovation Scholarship

Part of the Edmund J. Y. Pajarillo Nursing Informatics and Innovation Collaborative Endowment Fund

The 2024 scholarship application period is now closed. Applications will reopen in February 2025.

The Edmund J.Y. Pajarillo scholarship opens a new avenue of scholarship with a focus on informatics and innovation in the use of data analysis and health information technology. 




      1. Applicants must be enrolled in accredited graduate level programs, having completed at least one year of study towards their degree by June 2024.  
      2. The NLN Foundation will give special consideration to nurses of color and members of other marginalized communities interested in transitioning from practice to full-time teaching. 
      3. The application process is open to the public, but preference will be given to NLN members.  

      Application Requirements

      Each proposal must include the below content areas submitted as one (1) pdf. Carefully review this NLN Edmund Pajarillo Scholarship Review Rubric. Incomplete applications will be disqualified. Format is double spaced with 1 inch margin on all sides.

      • Title Page: 
        • The title of the project  
        • PI and other members of the project team 
        • Project Team members’ affiliations and complete contact information 
      • Narrative: 
        • Introduction: Describe your need for support and clarity of purpose 
          • Max. 250 words
        • Description of your Project, its contribution to nursing informatics, or innovations in nursing education or roles, and the category of the proposal based on one of the three categories listed below:
          • Categories:
            • Category 1: Projects that conceptualize and translate nursing informatics concepts and theories into new applications and systems to facilitate nursing education, practice, and science.
            • Category 2: Projects that establish, expand, and influence future nurses’ roles to further optimize and expand their marketability and professional demand.
            • Category 3: Projects that create nursing educational technology to foster and enhance high impact practice (HIP) learning.
          • Length: 3 pages
        • Describe how your study links to NLN’s mission statement and core values.
          • Max. 250 words
        • 2 Letters of recommendation (addressed to the NLN Foundation).
          • Max. 500 words per letter
        • Budget Narrative
          • Clearly itemize and explain each line item and costs requested for the project  
        • Bio sketch form


      A scholarship of up to $5,000 will be offered annually to support an applicant enrolled in an accredited graduate level program focusing on health informatics and innovation in research in nursing education. 

      Online Submission System

      APPLY HERE  


      NOTE: If you have questions related to the application process, please contact Emma Casey at or