NLN Foundation Advisory Council

Bridging Education and Practice: Advisory Council

The NLN Foundation’s vision is to be the preeminent foundation for nursing education initiatives. In 2016, we formed a growing advisory council with members from all sectors to provide expertise, guidance, and development insight to the NLN Foundation and support us in achieving our mission. Since then, the NLN Foundation has been progressively flourishing thanks to their thought leadership and kind donations. Please meet our current members:

    • Lynn Bilder
      Provost/Chief Academic Officer - Joyce University 
    • Kate Campbell
      Chief Commercial Officer - TrueLearn
    • Karen Cox
      President - Chamberlain University
    • Robbie Craven
      Director of Marketing & Trade Relations - F.A. Davis
    • Alf-Christian Dybdahl
      Chief Executive Officer - Laerdal Medical
    • Cole Edmonson
      Chief Clinical Officer - AMN Healthcare
    • Tim Eiman
      Executive Vice President - Lifework Education
      • Mary Jo Jerde
        Senior Vice President - United Health Group
      • Natalie Jones
        Senior Vice President of Clinical Practice and Innovation - Prolink
      • Rhonda Lawes
        Director of Nursing - Lecturio
      • Ken Lefkowitz
        Partner - Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP
      • Andrew Lingo
        Program Director - Ethical Recruitment & Workforce Sustainability, Health Carousel
      • Beverly Malone
        Chief Executive Officer - National League for Nursing
      • Nick Mansour
        President - Arizona College
      • Matt Merino
        Chief Executive Officer - Education Management Solutions
      • Mikhail Shneyder
        President & CEO - Nightingale College
      • Janet Smith-Hill
        Chief Human Resources Officer - SSM Health
      • David Theobald
        President & CEO - Davin Healthcare
      • Ward Ulmer
        Co-President - West Coast University
      • Mark Vogt
        Chief Executive Officer - Galen College of Nursing
        • Abdel Yosef
          Provost and Chief Academic Officer - Unitek College

        Please contact the NLN Foundation if you are interested in joining the Advisory Council.