Support Excellence in Nursing Education

We need you. The NLN Foundation counts on the support of NLN members, partners and friends to raise funds to promote excellence in nursing education. If you have ever been grateful for the care, commitment, and dedication of a nurse, please make a gift to the Foundation for Nursing Education. After celebrating 130 years, we have big plans to continue improving the health of the nation by elevating nurse educators.



NLN Archives Project 

In 2013, the Barbara Bates Center for the Study of the History of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing, with generous support from the Independence Foundation, helped us conduct a survey of NLN records, data, publications, and other significant documents. Then, in February of 2016, we formally initiated a four-year process of identifying and preserving NLN archives. Since then, the Independence Foundation stepped in with a generous gift in the form of a matching grant to fund the development and implementation of a full archival repository of NLN holdings, including video digitizing and the digitization of paper records.

Thanks to our supporters, we successfully met our matching goal in 2016-2019 and started phase 4 of our project. We continue to raise funds to preserve our past as a resource for scholars investigating the history of nursing, nursing education, and nursing accreditation in the United States.

Please visit our archives page and start learning more about 130+ years of nursing education.


Each year, the NLN Foundation offers scholarships to support the NLN’s mission to build a strong and diverse nursing workforce to advance the health of the nation and the global community. These scholarships are for nurses pursuing their master’s or doctoral degrees to advance their careers as nurse educators. 

Faculty Scholarship

As the only nursing organization providing scholarships for nurse educators, we are thankful for all gifts that contribute to our scholarship program. For example, a NLN Centers of Excellence Scholarship Fund was established in 2017 and contributed to scholarships in 2018. The class of 2019 proudly continued this legacy and will help future nurse educators in 2020. Learn more about our scholarship program here.

NLN Steve Cerame Nurse Educator Scholarship

The NLN Steve Cerame Nurse Educator Scholarship was created to honor our former Chief Financial Officer and his 26 years of service to the National League for Nursing. This scholarship funds up to $8,000 annually to a future nurse educator in a masters or doctoral program.


Cecelia Lou Vriheas Scholarship

The  Cecelia Lou Vriheas Scholarship was gifted by Amy A. Nichols to support an annual Scholarship of $8,000 to a single recipient. Those eligible include nurses and nurse educators enrolled in an accredited graduate level program who are the first generation in their family to pursue higher education and belongs to an historically marginalized/excluded group including but not limited to Black, Indigenous, Native American, Pacific Islander, immigrant populations, those from rural areas.

Edmund J.Y. Pajarillo Scholarship

The Edmund J.Y. Pajarillo Annual Scholarship is part of the Edmund J.Y. Pajarillo Nursing Informatics and Innovation Collaborative Endowment Fund. The scholarship portion supports a single recipient up to $2,500 every year. Those eligible include nurses and nurse educators enrolled in an accredited graduate level program focusing on health informatics and innovation in research in nursing education.

Health Carousel Foundation Nurse Educator Scholarship

The Health Carousel Foundation Nurse Educator Scholarship was gifted by the Health Carousel Foundation to support an annual Scholarship of $8,000 to a single recipient. Those eligible include nurses that received their initial nursing degree outside of the United States but are now registered in the United States and pursuing advanced degrees to further their career as a full-time nurse educator.

Other Programs

The NLN Foundation proudly supports other renowned programs of the NLN such as the Scholarly Writing Retreat and Research Grants