ACE.D triptych
The Advancing Care Excellence for Persons with Disabilities (ACE.D) Program builds on the NLN ACE.S Framework, which was initially developed to address quality nursing care for older adults. The goals of the ACE.D Program are 1) to provide materials, resources, and teaching strategies for nursing faculty to increase their own knowledge about disability as an important disparity in health care, and 2) to increase nursing students’ ability to provide high-quality, sensitive nursing care to individuals with diverse disabilities across the lifespan and across health care settings. Disability has been described as a disparity that has largely been ignored in health care, including nursing education and nursing practice. ACE.D has been developed to bring disability into the mainstream of nursing education so that health care of people with disabilities, including nursing care, is delivered by nurses who are sensitive to the issue of disability and knowledgeable about the needs of individuals with disabilities.

ACE.D Intellectual and Development Disability
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